BreakdownOliver Deutschmann



Label: Caduceus Records
Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 15/10/13

Oliver Deutschmann has become something of a household name over the past few years. With records as brilliant as 2011’s ‘Trump’ EP with Ed Davenport, as well as a continued residency at the Berghain, we can surely expect Deutschmann to deliver top quality jams well into the foreseeable future. Indeed, his latest EP, ‘Breakdown’, is a perfect example of his mastery, and shows us that he is far from out of steam. 

The EP opens with unapologetic vigor, as enormous 4X4 pulses provide the foundation for ‘Breakdown’s rich 303 lines and hypnotic vocal loops. This is what Deutschmann does best: executing ambitious and busy soundscapes with masses of adrenaline-filled dynamic force. Steve Rachmad’s remix is brilliant in its own right, using a more refrained and understated sound to create those euphoric peaks of dizzying height. This could well be my favourite on the EP. 

‘Braineater’ on the other hand is a hyperactive jaw-clenching burst of energy, always keeping one step ahead of the listener. Tobias, Dettmann and Suckut all spring to mind on this one, as the soft, saintly pads faintly provide a backdrop for the twisted analogue lines and frantic drum machine patterns that move this thing forward. LAD’s remix is considerably more subdued, although it is no less powerful. Providing a subtle shuffle to the beat, the groove bounces along effortlessly, and functions wonderfully as the EP’s closing thought. 

For anyone with even a cursory interest in modern-sounding proggy techno, Oliver Deutschmann is definitely a place worth visiting, and this latest EP serves as another great installment in a long series of excellent releases.

  • Published
  • Nov 15, 2013
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