Perc Trax vs. Pole Group Pt.1Perc Trax vs. Pole Group

Perc Trax vs. Pole Group Pt.1


Label: Pole Group
Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 18/11/13

Both Ali Wells’ Perc Trax and Oscar Mulero’s Pole Group can be considered amongst our favourite techno imprints, so naturally we were delighted when we heard the two titanic labels would be pooling their resources in the form of a two part various artists series, amongst a series of live dates. The first of these EPs pits label head Perc & affiliate Sawf, alongside Pole Group mainstays Reeko & Christian Wünsch.

Launching straight in with darkened atmospheres and shuffling mechanical rhythms is Reeko’s ‘Recharger’. The track’s effortless swung groove is sustained by pulsating low-end and rasping high-end textures. Reeko’s_ Blue Album_ released earlier this year presented a mediation of melodic ideas and dancefloor sensibilities; here however the Spaniard’s efforts are aimed solely towards swaying crowds, blindly stomping their way into the small hours.

Sawf is one of those excellent producers whose talent is significantly under-rewarded by credit he’s given. Whilst having released on Modal Analysis and Moerbeck’s Code Is Law, the majority of his output has come through Perc Trax, of which the he can be considered something of a stalwart. ’Trivoli’ his offering to the EP plays around a jagged synth-riff looming over muscular warehouse drums. Hollow, ringing snares puncture through the thudding layer of kick drums as the track moves into it’s second half, reminiscent of AnD’s darker productions.

Pushing things even further, Perc Trax head Ali Wells contributes ‘405’, which is in a word, brutal. As we have come to expect Wells brings out the darkest, most twisted traits in the Techno genre, this track calling to mind his earth-shaking performance at Corsica Studios for Plex/Colony/BLeeD at the start of the month. Wells makes little concession for dynamics here, instead pummelling the listener from start to finish with an incessant throbbing of harshly distorted kicks, rushing filter sweeps and unhinged high-end percussion.

The final contribution to the EP comes in the form of Christian Wünsch’s sweltering ‘Alpha Particle’. Similarly to Reeko, Wünsch utilises clear-cut, factory style samples, blistering stabs quaking beneath a resolute dub-techno march.

Alongside providing four thundering dancefloor bombs, the EP also manages to highlight a crossover between the two labels which might not be immediately obvious otherwise. With Exium, Oscar Mulero, Forward Strategy Group & Manni Dee contributing to part Pt.2, its arrival will be more than welcome.

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  • Nov 18, 2013
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