Uranus 333Kris Wadsworth

Uranus 333


Label: Uranus

Format: Limited 180gm 12”
Release Date: 19/11/13

Perhaps it’s little surprise that the Uranus imprint seems to exude such a passion for the vinyl format, given the background of now Berlin based label architect Kris Wadsworth. A recent interview with Meoko testifies his commitment to all things wax, and with a history as a vinyl-only DJ it makes sense that he should put such care into his releases; cutting each record to 180 gram vinyl, before hand-stamping each limited edition run.

With the first two outings for the label selling out in healthy succession of their respective releases, ‘333’ comes as the final impression to the imprint of this year, continuing to hone Wadsworth’s rough-edged take on the House & Techno crossover.

Foggy kicks and stammering, low-slung percussion open ‘333’s a-side, before the introduction of a funk-tinged analogue hook, sauntering over dust covered high end percussion driving the track forward.

The record’s b-side on the other hand comes in the form of a booming recast of Wadsworth’s 2011 track, ‘Lime and Pink’. Whilst the track deviates slightly from the Uranus project’s usual blueprint with its use of vocals, it otherwise fits in nicely alongside the previous releases, helped along by a fresh mixdown and master, bringing ‘Lime and Pink’ up to speed with the Uranus era Wadsworth sound. 

A rambling acid bassline leads the track - a deeper, more firmly cemented variant on the a-side’s comparatively furtive equivalent. Lethargic, shuffling drums and thudding four to the floor bass pulses comprise the track’s rhythm, creating a solid backdrop for the occasional burst of soulful, reverberating vocal, intertwined with sullen, jazz-tinged organ.

Wadsworth has always been producer capable of working within his own sphere, without the need to rely on popular trends. The establishment of his own imprint however has arguably afforded him an even greater freedom to explore abstract ideas, and push the boundaries of his craft to greater limits. 

Previews of the release can be heard via Decks here.

  • Published
  • Nov 25, 2013
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