Third ActMiss Sunshine

Third Act


Label: Decoy Records

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 18/11/2013

The work ethic of Croatian artist Miss Sunshine is somewhat enviable; having produced for over five years now she still manages to maintain a steady stream of releases, despite also juggling a rather intensive touring schedule. With releases on many labels like Coincidence Records, Tic Tac Toe, and Random Island, she has deservedly gained the support of many of the leading figures in the techno scene, one of these being Decoy founder DJ Rebekah, with whom Miss Sunshine has come to release with most recently.

There is a classic, retro-tinged feel to her productions, a factor greatly evident through the title track to her Decoy release ‘Third Act’. Echoing rave stabs pulse above a distorted four to the floor kick pattern and shuffling percussion, creating a piece of groove-laced techno more than fit for club use.

Following this is ‘Intimidate’, a track which despite its title and hard hitting percussion, possesses an air of euphoria following the introduction of Miss Sunshines bright swathes of synthesiser. 

Retaining the same 90s indebted warehouse vibes, ‘Ground Loop’ heaves its way into darker territory. Its haunting grooves develop patiently alongside a thudding march of kick drums, leaving a good three minutes before the driving cymbals signal the track has reached its pinnacle. Generally in fact, the track is incredibly understated, making it a perfect offering for early-hours basement sessions.

‘Ground Loop’ is also subjected to the remix treatment, Figure SPC affiliate Markus Suckut contributing a rather drastic recast. In classic Suckut style any excess weight is shed from the track, leaving a slab of stripped-back, raw mechanical techno. Suckut’s interpretation calls to mind the productions of Adam X with its minimalist, alien approach to techno, eschewing any traditional take on structure opting for a more loop-driven approach with little concession for long buildups or drops. 

Suckut’s remix adds a healthy dose of variation to an EP with a very well refined if rather specific perspective on techno. The EP in general makes a nice addition to the style of melodic, slow-building warehouse techno Decoy has been pushing since its inception, and as ever, we will await its next move with much anticipation.

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  • Nov 27, 2013
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