Inner 006Various

Inner 006


Label: Inner Surface Music

Format: 12”
Release Date: 28/11/2013

Considering the imprint happens to be run by Tom Dicicco & Manchester’s AnD, it’s perhaps expected that the releases from vinyl-only imprint Inner Surface Music should be of a certain standard. The consistency at which the label manages to deliver in quality whilst simultaneously bringing to light new producers however, shouldn’t be under appreciated. 

With the first of their various artist EPs occupying the sort of tearing industrial territory promoted by the likes of Surgeon or Karenn, you might expect its successive component to follow suit, however 006 is a significantly dubbier, more pensive offering than its counterpart. 

Japanese born Yuji Kondo opens the release with the stumbling ‘Tilt’, organic percussion swimming over vapourous atmospheres and a lagging, tripped out melody.

Dicicco takes a deeper, dub-tinged perspective with ‘Roksan’, harking back to his early productions such as ‘Night Erosion’ or ‘Material Things’, here adding a gorgeously finessed layered sound-design. Ringing beeps maintain a steady rhythm between Dicicco’s warbling melodies and clattering percussion, glitchy, broken rhythms adding mesmeric sway. 

As expected, D Carbone’s ‘Asynthetic’ manoeuvres into harder warehouse territory. His discordant riff and wailing atmospherics wouldn’t be out of place soundtracking a b-movie Horror film, underpinned by crumbling percussion and thundering four to the floor kicks.

The EP’s closing offering comes from Barcelona based duo NX1. The track entitled ‘IS1’, providing a more tempered alternative approach to warehouse techno than D Carbone’s tear-out prior offering. A mist of dense static textures build gradually, interplaying between shuddering blasts of low-end and apocalyptic drones.

Whilst delving equally deep into the realms of experimentalism as the EP prior, the 006 manages to offer up a restrained, introspective alternative, crafting narrative across the works of four artists that typically might not be bracketed together.

  • Published
  • Nov 30, 2013