Delusions Of MoralityDax J

Delusions Of Morality


Label: Unknown Territory

Format: Digital
Release Date: 06/11/2013

Following a disorientating four track EP for DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted label, Dax J is back at it with another sweltering release, this time for Glaswegian based label Unknown Territory. The label was established not so long ago by Sleaze co-founder Lex Gorrie, occupying itself with deeply textured styles of big room techno.

Here East London favourite Dax J joins the likes of Submerge, Ricardo Garduno, Mattias Friedel and The Plant Worker on the label by providing three potently fast tempo original tracks, in addition to a remix by the incredibly creative Jeff Derringer, the man behind Chicago’s underground ‘Oktave’ parties.

Opening with warehouse-orientated title track ‘Delusions of Morality’, the EP kicks off at full-throttle, a panic-inducing riff predatorily circling thudding kicks and churning percussion. Dax manages to maintain plenty of variation through the track, peripheral atmospheres and percussive variations creeping in and out of the mix.

Second track ‘Scowl’ offers a welcome break in pace, swaying towards a deeper, multi-layered approach. The track is undeniably progressive, chiming stabs ring out between efficient, almost footwork style percussion and rumbling low-end.

The claustrophobic ‘Spotlights’ comprises Dax J’s final original track on the EP, and is also the subject of Jeff Derringer’s remix. Whilst the original brings hissing, paranoid textures to the fore above a pounding for to the floor march, Derringer alleviates the track’s tension, crafting something considerable as dub-techno. Swathes of melancholic ambience build across its near eight minute duration, shuffling percussion gently underpinning gradually developing atmospherics and ethereal synth-work.

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  • Dec 04, 2013
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