High & LowCassegrain & Tin Man

High & Low

Label: Killekill

Format: 12”
Release Date: 25/11/13

Similar to many imprints coming out of Berlin, the 2011 founded Killekill began its life as an event series (primarily based at Suicide Circus) before developing into a fully-fledged label releasing various strains of different techno. With its fifteenth release, the DJ Flush fronted enterprise hosts a fusion of Cassegrain’s raw, hardware based sound with the distant, acid-infused stylings of Tin Man.

Title track ‘High and Low’ opens sounding reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s squelchy brand of electronica, before being reinforced by a sturdy four to the floor kick pattern and chugging hi-hats. The track is more driving than you would expect to hear from Tin Man alone - the influence of Cassegrain’s rhythmic energy is notably present, guiding the listener on a deep, spacey musical journey.

Following this is ‘Sex Kit’ a track which snaps the listener out of the dreamlike world woven by ‘High & Low’. The track is strongly reminiscent of the old school acid-techno sound that once dominated the UK rave scene in the 90’s albeit at a slightly slower tempo. 

Closing track ‘Sand Maze’ is perhaps where we notice the fusion of Tin Man’s analogue acid synths with Cassegrain’s raw industrial percussion most strongly. Halfway through the track it’s leading 303 riff subsides slightly, allowing for a more delicate musical motif to enter, slowly becoming drenched in reverb, before coming to a giddy, grinding halt.

This isn’t the first time these two artists have collaborated together, and hopefully ‘High & Low’ won’t be the last, given how well their blend of styles complement one another on this latest record.

  • Published
  • Dec 17, 2013
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