201 PhasingLucy

201 Phasing

Label: CLR

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 06/12/13

Considering we are well and truly into the run up to his second album _Churches, Schools & Guns, _you might expect things to be going a little quiet lately for Berlin based Luca Mortellaro, better known by his production alias, Lucy. To the contrary however, the Italian born artist has managed to keep pace with the disorientating ‘201 Phasing’, released via Chris Liebing’s CLR imprint. Alongside the Lucy original, Leibing himself also delivers a claustrophobic ‘Triple Bell’ edit of the track, following a remix from Stroboscopic Artefacts mainstays, Dadub. 

Mortellaro’s original hangs in a constant state of flux, never quite feeling settled. Distant arpeggios orbit shuddering kick drums, layers of dampened static doused on top. Despite the use of grainy, distorted textures, ‘201 Phasing’ feels decidedly polished - abrasive, filtered drones are kept tastefully restrained. Mortellaro’s faintly disquieting riff holds an ominous, phantom like presence throughout the track’s ten minute duration, an element brought into sharper focus through Dadub’s successive interpretation.

The Italian duo also capitalise on the original’s pounding drums - snarling mid-range textures are here unrestrained, creating frantic rhythms pulsing between a blur of tension fraught melodies and driving kicks.

The final remix from label head Chris Liebing puts the track in the context of a more classic brand of warehouse techno, maintaining a feeling of heightened suspense across its length. Liebing steadies the ‘201 Phasing’s original rhythms, cutting the kick pattern back to a steady, hypnotic four to the floor pulse, as clamourous hats slowly shuffle away in the track’s periphery.

  • Published
  • Dec 20, 2013