Perc Trax Vs. Pole Group Pt.2Perc Trax Vs. Pole Group

Perc Trax Vs. Pole Group Pt.2

Label: Perc Trax

Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 15/12/13

Fans of the first Perc Trax/Pole Group split 12” will be happy not to have been kept in suspense for too long - part two having been release in less than a month of its counterpart. This time round Perc Trax act as host, housing four twisting, warehouse indebted techno stompers. Here Pole Group label head Oscar Mulero acts as representative of the Spanish label alongside duo Exium, with Forward Strategy Group and Manni Dee occupying Perc Trax’s corner of the ring.

‘Blackstar’ opens with Mulero’s instantly recognisable signature. Driving loops and subtle, off-kilter melodies pulse beneath rising waves of static and stuttered hats. The track feels purpose built for extended sets - its gristled, slow-burning progression and minimalist aesthetic calling to mind early-hours basement sessions.

Exium provide following track ‘Raw Visions’, living up to its name with similar mannerisms to Mulero’s opener. The Spanish outfit’s offering verges more towards the dub end of the techno spectrum however, claustrophobic atmospheres clouding over ominous, earthquaking low-end. 

Forward Strategy Group’s ‘Rundoled’ provides the most affront of the four offerings, grating blasts of mechanical noise acting as the track’s hook. This brazenly throbs through the track’s duration, pushing ticking high-end percussion and a plodding bass-riff into the sidelines.

Closing the EP is Manni Dee’s ‘Serenity’, a track far from the state of calm its title implies. Muffled, horror-movie style outcries swell in the background, whilst militant percussion shudders relentlessly between vapourous drones and a warped bassline, reminiscent of a car’s engine revving in the distance.

  • Published
  • Dec 26, 2013
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