Binary System EPSamuli Kemppi

Binary System EP

Label: Children Of Tomorrow
Format: 12”/Digital
Release Date: 28/02/14

Co-run by London residents Arnaud Le Texier and Antonio De Angelis, Children of Tomorrow has built up a pretty solid roster over its six year lifespan. Recently the techno oriented sub-label of Safari Electronique has added one more to their books - Finnish producer Samuli Kemppi, delivering a four-track rhythmic exploration, entitled ‘Binary System’. Having been a strong supporter of Kemppi’s music for a while now, it seemed about time to put some words on one of his releases. 

Churning, mechanical synths open ‘Resonant Object’, a track aptly titled with its ringing, metallic riff - a component which feels as if it could be part of a larger melodic line sharply regimented by Kemppi’s dizzying, loop-based rhythms. ’Almost Certain’ maintains this inhuman machine-driven feel - propelled by a sharp, discordant hook calling to mind the productions of Rod or Terence Fixmer. 

‘Absolute Value’ moves into faster, more dancefloor friendly territory, led by pounding kicks and disorientating melodies apt for early-hours sessions. 

The final offering comes in the form of ‘Libration’, a cut released exclusively for the vinyl version of the EP, providing a solid reason for purchasing physically. Dark, foreboding atmospheres prevail throughout, stunted high-end battling against Kemppi’s formidable wall of rumbling low-end.

Children of Tomorrow’s releases have consistently managed to meet the blueprint for quality, after-hours techno, Kemppi’s release more than meeting the label’s high standards. This Sunday (February 23rd) also sees the label throw their first London based party, and with the headline guest being SL favourite Oscar Mulero, we thoroughly recommend attending this one.

  • Published
  • Feb 21, 2014
  • Credits
  • Words by Straylandings
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