Default 0003en creux

Default 0003

Label: SM-LL
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23/02/14

‘We like repetition’ declares the Soundcloud page of London based SM-LL. Fronted by Martin J Thompson aka Pokk!, the imprint’s ‘Default’ series has thus far stuck closely to this manifesto, comprised of ultra-minimal experiments in repetitive electronics. The third offering in the digital run comes from Taiwanese sound artist Lucia H Chung. Having released largely via the collaborative Mimosa Moize project, Chung here operates solo under a new production alias, en creux, which in French translates as ‘in the gap’, or ‘negative space’. 

Both ‘Default 0003’s tracks posses a cold, automated feel - as if soundtracking the methodical calculations of an alien spacecraft. ‘Before’ in particular is reminiscent of Alva Noto’s _Module _release with its bitingly clean percussion and silken low-end drones, creeping in and out of focus like some unknown creature gliding across the dark ocean floor.

The repetitious nature of the release makes it easy to slip into a meditative state; both tracks occupy around ten minutes and feature only subtle changes, their foundational elements remaining constant throughout. The restless ‘Between’ for example is built around buzzing phone lines ringing across the stereo-field, whilst faintly percussive atmospherics patiently build in pace and intensity.

With rhythm and repetition being at the centre of Chung’s en creux project, it’s little wonder Default 0003 has found such a fitting home at SM-LL - a project surely set to see some exciting developments over 2014.

  • Published
  • Feb 24, 2014