After first being first exposed to London based producer David Pryde aka. ‘Akzidenz’ I was astounded by how little recognition he had been given for the exceptionally high caliber of his work. Producing on Ableton, Akzidenz is set to have his first official release on ‘Courtship Records’ later on this year.

The initial slow rolling build-up of ‘Cinema’ deceptively eases you into the slow panning breathy atmospheric chimes, and gentle percussion. The sounds used have a distinctly organic feel, perhaps emphasized by the gently side chained oceanic background sample that runs throughout, subliminally pushing forward the natural groove of the track.

One of the most surprising things about this tune I find is its ability to maintain its composure and elegance, through the frankly fierce surging drop halfway through the piece. If this wasn’t intense enough ‘Akzidenz’ also manages to pull of a graceful switch up in the final minute of ‘Cinema’ which is undoubtedly one of his strong points listening over his other tracks, and one of the hardest things for any producer to pull off well.

Cinema by Akzidenz

  • Published
  • Aug 16, 2011
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