This is the first track that London-based artist ‘Desimal’ (Mike Harvey) has put up for display in some time following his self-released ‘Tycho EP’ earlier in the year, hopefully in the effort to create a cohesive second release before putting his work on display.

It’s clear that Anomalize marks a certain consolidation of several different strands of his sound. It retains the intricately scattered, DnB-tinged clicks alongside his tasteful vocal chopping. But what sets this track aside from his previous work is the greater coherency that the thoughtfully programmed beat and soulful sample bring to the table. On top of this Anomalize shows off some well placed and restrained bass weight, and restrained is really what Desimal does best here; the Aretha Franklin vocal feels constantly on the brink of expansion while Harvey deftly cuts it back.
Anomalize may in many ways be one of Desimal’s greatest assets. He has put together a satisfying and propulsive bit of bass music that leaves little to be asked for. It manages to retain a degree of elegance and class through the track’s restraint, something rarely found in this genre.

  • Published
  • Aug 16, 2011
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