Brian OhnoAlexander Domaille

Brian Ohno

For those of you that are unfamiliar, ‘Alexander Domaille’ is the Techno side project of Southampton house producer ‘Rumah’. Whilst his side project is still taking shape Rumah has managed to secure himself forthcoming digital releases on the upcoming ‘No Stranger To Danger’ label with his unique blend of funky house, garage & 303 finery.

Laced through with lo-fi hits and bitcrusher, ‘Brian Ohno’ steers its way with true progression and diversity, through deep house, garage & hard techno influences. The varied sounds and ambient backing swathes are reminiscent of ‘Tommy Four Seven’ styles. However, the track occupies a flowing, swung beat, setting it apart from a large proportion of the straight 4x4 techno out there.

The techno scene has played a huge part in the shaping of the dubstep sound, producers like Pinch, Scuba & Martyn all pioneering the crossover sound. However the emergence of ‘Future Garage’ - a recent offshoot of the dubstep scene (the term was coined by Sub.FM boss Whistla) is still in the process of embracing the techno sound. Brian Ohno however appears to be working the other way around. Whilst obviously predominantly a techno track, it is easy to pick out the distinct nuanced grooves and seperately pitched hi-hat sounds usually found in garage tunes.

  • Published
  • Aug 25, 2011
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