Giant StarLorca

Giant Star

Having recently become a resident at Brighton’s Aka Aka roar, Lorca looks set to finish 2011 with gusto. Especially since he’s been sharing bills with Peverelist, Joy Orbison, Blawan, and Objekt, not to mention forthcoming physical releases on both the Left Blank and Live Ones imprints. ‘Giant Star’ shows us why Lorca has been raising eyebrows in Brighton and showcases his talent as a sovereign of subtlety.  

The faint synth that opens Giant Star takes the lead throughout the track – grounding the beat and vocals into a smart, tightly packed sound with volumes of room left in the mix. The harmony between the busy, compacted high-end groove, and the tastefully restrained chords give this track it’s depth, and creates a pending suspense that stays with you all day. Whereas most producers would have brought up the cutoff of the mid-range up to reach a climactic (and predictable…) drop, Lorca leaves them as a muffled hum that swims around you, and settles into an immersed, heady intoxication.

Compared with Lorca’s other tunes, ‘Giant Star’ has less of a club vibe and more of a stay-in-and-watch-the-rain feel to it. This could be because the dynamics aren’t as heavy as usual, or maybe due to the tune’s disquieting undercurrent. Either way, it will be interesting to see if he drops it at Stray Landings’ first club night on September 2nd, and perhaps more interesting to see the reaction.

  • Published
  • Aug 29, 2011