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Eye / Hand

There appears to be no end to Yaporigami’s output. With each new release, we get a glimpse into another dimension of his character. His latest export, Eye / Hand comes only two months since the brilliant Homage under his birth name, and barely over half a year since his last release on FF`Space, A Hectic Truer. Where Homage was limited to just six delicately unfolded pieces, Eye / Hand sprawls 27 quick-and-dirty track over 90 minutes. Apart from the two sides to the album, it also forms a mesh of two kinds of composition. First, there is the familiar, warped dance-floor sound of Yaporigami. These appear to be playing a game of Dadaist cut-up; ‘What it Was’ or ‘Her Hand Tenderly’, for example. Strung together, though, they weave an inviting narrative: “At First — Glance I Fell — In Love — With You — I Couldn’t —Figure Out — What it Was — I Wanted — To Hold — Her Hand Tenderly — I Wasn’t — Thinking Of Taking — Your Clothes Off”.

However, there are also some novel, miniature sonic experiments, running at or below the one-minute mark. These cover everything from musique concrète oddities to out-and-out harsh noise. We are given moments ‘away’ from the meat of the album to recollect our thoughts, highlighted by synonymic titles in parentheses: ‘(Lull)’, ‘(Interval)’, ‘(Respite)’ and so on. This gives the album a great sense of exploration and scope, not dissimilar to the freedom that Drukqs or a Boards of Canada record held at the peak of their career.

‘With You’ is a clear highlight; a cacophonous and violent drone that swirls around the stereo field in joyful unrest. ‘I Wanted’, too, is one of Miyashita’s bravest efforts, giving the Raster-Noton style a squelchy makeover. But yet, the album closes at its climax; ‘Your Clothes Off’ is a dazzling display of technical talent. This LP is not Miyashita’s first excursion to tape. But it is his first attempt at creating a double-album, and has to be one of his most peculiar, versatile and challenging to date.

  • Published
  • Nov 10, 2015