Classics From The BluweirdoFullfridge Music

Classics From The Bluweirdo

Label: Fullfridge Music
Format: CD/Digital
Release Date: 19/05/15

Fullfridge Music have been in existence since 2011, their location in the south of France never deterring founder Cloudnumber from bringing producers from around the globe on board with the project. The latest release, Classics From The Bluweirdo, pulls many of these artists together on one complete work, showcasing the label’s most avante-garde tendencies.

The album has been constructed how one might approach a mix, building from oddball, Radiophonic Workshop style experiments such as Lokom’s ‘Chantal’, or Hasan Hujairi’s deliriously fragmented sampling on ‘How To Be Good and Complacent’. The turning point comes in the closing minutes of ‘Titre’, a crumbling mix of Eastern vocals, warbling synthesisers and thickset drumming from Egyptian composer Ahmed Saleh.

For the latter half of the release, the imprint’s inclination for frantic, broken-beat rhythms is brought into focus. The clattering, Pearson Sound reminiscent drums of Bombé’s ‘Indo’, or A Taut Line’s grime-spattered musing, ‘Warned Off’ both make good examples.

There is a mix of old and new faces across the LP; Lindus Phrasen aka HGLDT turns in the joyously noisy ‘Reutrn’, whilst Shinigami San recasts ‘Broken TV’ by previous Fullfridge signees The Uncowl, crafting the track into a sleek, twisted-electro weapon.

The Grenoble based label have been growing steadily over their four year lifespan; their graduation to the vinyl format late last year also indicating a stylistic shift. Classics From The Bluweirdo provides a fitting mission statement as to exactly what this altered direction might be; needless to say we like it a lot.

  • Published
  • Jun 09, 2015
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