>if​*​true​~​time​[​x​]​1​+​2​=​you​.​\​< AGF


The title of the latest release from Antye Greie-Ripatti, better known as AGF, represents a decidedly Internet-age equation - ‘>if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\< ‘. The codified title is typical of Greie-Ripatti’s work. When one of our writers went to see her at Cafe OTO last year, the audience were treated to an extended section of her rapping in code. So too are the intricate melodies and sharp digital extremeties which circle Greie-Ripatti’s abstract beat-poems.

However, opener and title track, ‘>if*true~time[x]1+2=you.\< ‘, explores more hardened textures than I’ve become used to from Greie-Ripatti. She works screwfaced kick drums and makeshift steel hats into adrenaline charged patterns that are almost reminiscent of grime. ‘greim x93’ picks up neatly from this trajectory, with ruptured low-end shuddering between a spiders-web of hisses, clicks and buzzes. Left void of Greie-Ripatti’s vocal play, the track’s delicate sound-design and masterful use of foley is given full spotlight.

One of the most interesting things about the release is the way in which Greie-Ripatti draws together all the elements in the closing track, presenting the equation in full with ‘time-ish’. The repeated ‘you, you you’ and ‘time, time, time’ motif’s of the opening two tracks collide between thudding percussion, climaxing in an intricate cacophany of harmonies, before easing away in a bed of prickling static loops once again.

Given the complexity of this cohesion, I can’t help but be left wondering what to expect from KON:3p>utionTO:e[VOL]ution - the AGF album due later this year which which this release previews. Interviewing Greie-Ripatti last year, we were left dumbfounded at the range and complexity of the projects she was undertaking after closing the interview with a simple ‘so what’s next for yourself?’ No doubt the forthcoming LP will leave us equally struck by the wealth of ideas.

  • Published
  • Jan 16, 2016
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