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Berlin resident Lui Urbano seems to be taking the Techno scene by storm as of late, gaining support from a multitude of legendary figures, such as Dave Clarke, Function and Chris Leibling with just a few release under his belt.

This said, the calibre of those releases potentially explains how Urbano has managed such critical acclaim in a short space of time, releasing with labels such as Affin and Dynamic Reflection, and perhaps most pivotally unleashing his pummelling ‘2XR909’ EP through Decoy Records.

The progression from sending tracks to Decoy founder Rebekah to releasing on the label seems like a very natural one, having first met the Birmingham bred DJ at a Weekendstories event. “Rebekah and I got along very well.” he says of their first encounter. “I was already aware in advance that she has shown me support so I made her a demo CD and gave her my contact details. Shortly thereafter I had a message from her that she would like to release 4 tracks from the demo on her label Decoy. I was very happy about that. Decoy is still a young but good label with a lot of great artists.”

Traversing a range of different old school influences, Urbano cites the likes of Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram as inspiring the EP. “Decoy is definitely the right home for this sound” he states, and with a slew of further releases in the pipeline the 2XR909 EP probably won’t be the last example of Urbano’s idiosyncratic take on 90s style warehouse Techno. ”Soon I will release a 12 vinyl on the label Nasyt Teme Records with a remix by Flug, another EP on Ketra with remixes by Deepbass and Mark Morris and an EP with Oliver Kucera on YMN. Towards end of the year I will release a White Label vinyl. On top of that there will be a bunch of releases for artists like DJ Surgules, Second Area, Submerge on labels such as Harthouse, Illegal Alien Records and many more. And of course there will be another release on Decoy, more info to come soon.”

Whilst we can’t share a tracklist for the mix, Urbano’s offering traverses a range of hard-hitting dancefloor sounds, whilst managing to remain within a coherent framework. “It’s very important to me to play a variety of music but you can never lose your own style.”

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0022 // Urbano by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

  • Published
  • Sep 12, 2013
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