0024 // Positive Centre


"The project started out as an idea for a live show" Mike Jefford begins in offering up an explanation of his Positive Centre project. "In preparation I had bought some new power adapters for various bits and pieces I wanted to use. To get things working, I had to switch the polarity on them to match the bit of equipment it was for - most of which were configured as ‘positive centre’. It stuck in my head and made sense with how I hear the music - so when I sent the first bunch of recordings out they were all under that name.


Following from his initial enquiries, Jefford managed to secure himself a release with Sigha’s renowned Our Circula Sound imprint earlier this year. “Last Autumn I’d started putting together a new Live show for Hayley and Sam Kerridge’s Contort party in Berlin.” he begins when asked about the occurrence of the six-track EP. “During the sound check my drum machine was shorting out, so I took everything back home, recorded all the stems and ended up with a load of new tracks. I sent James ‘An Assembly’, which he liked enough to ask me to do the EP.”

As might be deductible from the production standards of the debut Positive Centre record, the release doesn’t mark Jefford’s first foray into production. ”I first started out with fruity loops and sonic foundry acid when I was a teenager, but it was only when I started using hardware and leaving the computer to do the editing that I found my feet with it.” he expands.

Despite having worked and released under a few different alias’ in the past however, Positive Centre marks a concerted effort to express particular memories and ideas. “For me its about capturing the intangible, remembered feelings, old thoughts and things you’ve half forgotten. I’ve never been particularly good at describing this in words, so I find sound is the best way to get these things across.”

Jefford’s mix for us covers a range of his personal favourites, alongside his own material, taken both from his debut and forthcoming releases. “The release date for my second EP on OCS should be announced soon.  Otherwise I’m in the studio preparing for some upcoming live shows in London and Venice.”


  1. Pierre Henry // Remontée [INA-GRM]
  2. Prince of Denmark // Sublimation [Forum]
  3. Demdike Stare // Suspicious Drone [DDS]
  4. Positive Centre // Untitled
  5. Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury // Dome Horizon [Invada]
  6. Positive Centre // Thought & Intention [OCS]
  7. Huerco S. // Plucked from the Ground, Towards the Sun [Software]
  8. Positive Centre // Swell of Graviton
  9. Post // Midnight [Skam]
  10. Cassegrain // Taiga [Prologue]
  11. Positive Centre // Field of Tongues [OCS]
  12. Arcing Seas // Amniotic [OCS]
  13. Positive Centre // The Stations of Section [OCS]
  14. Marsen Jules // Through Blood and Fire [Oktaf]
  15. Worn // No Expression [Mira]
  17. Positive Centre // Hiding Knives [OCS]
  18. Container // Acclimator [Spectrum Spools]
  19. Positive Centre // Where Flows the How Flows [OCS]
  20. Sigha // Grace [OCS]

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  • Published
  • Nov 15, 2013
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