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"When I was around thirteen, I got hold of a Microkorg Synth" Romek Boyer, better known as simply Rommek states when asked about how he first got into producing. "I jammed a lot but never recorded any of the ideas. I think this gave me the drive to want to make my own tracks, later combined with a computer." Given the fluidity of Boyer’s rugged, off-kilter productions it’s perhaps little surprise he began by improvising and experimenting rather than structuring elements on a computer. "From a young age my dad introduced me to new sounds and artists like Aphex Twin or Rhythm & Sound" he explains further, "who influenced my ideas for production. Similarly the atmospheres created by these artists and others alike inspire me."

Techno has become the genre of choice for many producers in recent years, yet Boyer’s productions retain a distinct sound, a factor which has not gone unnoticed, having recently put out an EP with Weekend Circuit. “I wanted to get involved with a London Label, with an underground but powerful output and Weekend Circuit was ideal” he expands of the release. “The EP features two original tracks which develop in their own ways and I thought they would suit the WCR sound.There has been consistently good remixers involved with the label, so I was more interested in knowing, than surprised by who the artists were.”

Further to this Boyer has also recently released the dub-tinged ‘Puffin’ via Southampton’s No Logo imprint, and also has plans for further EP releases later in the year.

His mix for us covers a range of personal influences, and was constructed not without some serious thought. “I spent some time making a few different versions of the mix until I was happy with the way it fitted together” he says of the recording. “I wanted to put a good amount of my own material in it, plus a mix of old and new favourites which suit the mood I was in when I recorded it.”


  1. Rommek // Skeleton [Unreleased]
  2. Rrose // Wedge [Eaux]
  4. Cassegrain // Painter Of Modern Life [M_Rec]
  5. Developer // Tiburon [Gynoid Audio]
  6. Rommek // Thought Patterns (Adriana Lopez Remix) [Weekend Circuit]
  7. Divided // Eigen [Unreleased]
  8. MD2 // MD2 4.1 [MD2]
  9. Rommek // Puffin [No Logo]
  10. Mike Parker // Pulse Trader [Prologue]
  11. Markus Suckut // Mirage [Figure]
  12. J.Tijn // Nuke [Pennyroyal]
  13. Rommek // Rust [Unreleased]
  14. Ø [Phase] -Binary Opposition (CTRLS Process) [Unknown]
  15. Rommek // Forest Depths [Weekend Circuit]
  16. Alex Falk // BPR [Proper Trax]
  17. Little Nobody // Metropolis How (James Ruskin Remix) [Gynoid Audio]
  18. Rommek // The Hole In My Pocket [Unreleased]
  19. Rommek // De Ja Vu [Unreleased]
  20. Rommek // Root Canal [Unreleased]

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0029 // Rommek by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

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  • May 7, 2014
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