0050 // Shelley Parker


Earlier this month, we caught up with Shelley Parker, a producer who has sustained a level of mystery about her work despite the heightened level of hype surrounding it. Her ‘Spurn Point’ album has garnered quite a bit of attention since its release last year, including support from Manni Dee, Chra and Pearson Sound. "That album took a while to produce and was fairly complicated due to the tracks being sourced from different times, spaces, and live projects rather than a straight ahead set of studio tracks" she tells us. "I didn’t really send it out to anyone for review – I’d achieved what I wanted with it and since then I’ve been able to work on other things".

You may also know her as label head of the STRUCTURE imprint, "Structure is a label/event project I set up in 2007. Originally it was going to be a kind of dance label as after DJing since 2001 that felt like the next step. I put on several Structure events at the former T Bar with artists like Radioactive Man, Billy Nasty, Portable, Warlock, Sync 24 – basically the people I knew from London through playing out" she explains. One thing that is particularly notable about Parker's work is that she comes from a history rich in noise and industrial sounds. "It’s a funny one as I think I’m often associated with noise/industrial and perhaps more abstract sounds where as I’ve always worked with rhythmic/percussive stuff so I don’t really know where this idea has come from!" She continues, "having DJed before in particular early dubstep circa 2003 and some of the emerging breaks stuff that came out around 2005 this music was not only a huge influence on my DJ sets but consequently production style. Since 1997 all my gallery based projects, music production and performances owe more to dance music in particular drum and bass/dubstep/techno than say Stockhausen! I’m often invited to play in more experimental environments which neither have adequate sound systems or where it’s appropriate to hammer it anyway so yes this perception of my work it’s definitely something I’m aware of".

Recorded on the 31st July, Shelley's mix for us is a one-take mash up of old, new and unreleased crunchy techno. "I always used to record DJ mixes in this way and although it’s more of a challenge it’s much more fun and there’s of course a “live” element which you simply don’t achieve when just auditioning tracks on a computer". You can also catch Parker at Corsica Studios on November 6th playing live alongside Objekt, Peder Mannefelt and Ancient Methods, or at Towards Collapse on the 14th hosted at Power Lunches. "I’m really looking forward to both as they have great sound systems and I will have the opportunity to play a proper live set in a club for a change which will be ace!"


Shelley Parker – Catch [Opal Tape]
Phuture Pfantasy Club – Spank Spank [Trax]
Pris – Bogano [Opal Tapes]
Convextion – Miranda [Matrix]
James Ruskin – Massk [Blueprint]
Mathew Johnson – She is He [Itiswhatitis]
ERP – Vox Automaton [Frustrated Funk]
Coil – The Snow (As pure as Remix) [Torso]
Untold – Drop it on the One [Hemlock]
Surgeon – Force + Form Remakes 1 [Tresor]
Manni Dee – Pascal’s Gambit [Leyla]
Consequence – Dubounce [Exit]
Normaling – Full Metal (House of Black Lanterns Remix) [Seclusiasis]
Warlock – It’s in my brain [Dirty Needles]
Airsilk – Smooth Coal Rental [Unreleased]
Toni Quiroga – Untitled [Unreleased]
Truss – Wyefield [Perc]

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  • Sep 8, 2015
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