0053 // Baconhead


Under the moniker Baconhead, Benjamin Hudson and Brighton based Paul Bowyer explore an array of tripped-out, funk-laden beat programming for labels such as Acroplane or Eat Concrete. Their most recent release, the mind-bending 'Cabin Fever' EP for Devon based label Bizarre Rituals, feels in line with the molten, abstract soundscapes of an act like Themselves, especially considering the array of quick-witted lyricists the EP features. This said, their ties to Brighton noise circles are also audible - 'Platoon's warbling low-end and pitch-bent synthwork for example being notably abstracted from typical hip-hop conventions.

Their combination of styles is probably best understood by looking at the individual projects of the two artists. Solo, Paul Bowyer began working under the name Hthr earlier this year, crafting microwaved beat experiments baffling and enthralling in equal measure. Benjamin Hudson on the other hand operates under the moniker Brain Rays, producing tape-warped beat experiments, also alongside an array of vocalists.

Their mix for us covers an range of mangled hip-hip experiments before manoeuvring into all out psychoactive freakouts from the likes of Acid Mothers Temple and Sun Araw. Also expect to hear plenty of cuts from the recent EP - concluding with the stumbling, rainforest soundscapes of 'Foreign or Domestic' featuring Nongenetic.


Badun - Juuhm [Merry X-Mas]
Baconhead - Cabin Fever [Bizarre Rituals]
Sun Araw - The Stakeout: Reprise (feat. W. Giacchi) [Not Not Fun]
Low Res - Dirty Lamentable Scheme [Eat Concrete]
Flying Lotus - Bonus Beat [Warp]
Richard Colvaen - Colvak (feat. Hermutt Lobby) [Thin Consolation]
Brain Rays and Stoogie Houzer - Stank (feat. Theo) [Bizarre Rituals]
Cupp Cave - Race Age [Unrezt]
Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt - Big Eyes [Threshold Recordings]
Baconhead - Black Mass (feat. Bloodmouth) [Bizarre Rituals]
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O - Son of a Bitches Brew [Riot Season]
Sun Araw - Ma Holo [Not Not Fun]
Toto - Robot Fight [Dune Soundtrack]
Ateez and Ro Lee - Old Floater [Eat Concrete]
Baconhead - Foreign or Domestic [Bizarre Rituals]

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  • Published
  • Nov 2, 2015
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