0061 // Qoso


'In Paradisum' have seen a steady evolution since their founding in 2011. While keeping the label very much a French affair, they became notable for picking up talent early, releasing work from now Modern Love signed Low Jack and Perc Trax signee Mondkopf. One artist who has stuck with In Paradisum right from the early stages, is Paris based Charlie Janiaut aka Qoso. Such are his ties with the imprint Janiaut even saw his debut release on In Paradisum head Guillaume Heuguet's first label, Fools House. Speaking of his relationship with the imprint, Janiaut seems relaxed. "I've known the In Paradisum guys for a long time" he begins. "They are friends and know what interests me in art, music… and food. There's a kind of freedom, I've designed the cover of the LP for example. It's important to me to work on the whole 'package' (music and visuals) and invite some friends to collaborate too, as we I did with the videos for the LP."

The LP Janiaut mentions is his debut album release, Printemps-Ete, which translates as Spring-Summer. The album was apparently created in "one shot" across last summer, the title derived from his interest in fashion. "I work for magazines and read/watch a lot of things about fashion" he responds when asked on the title's English translation. "The title refers simply to a fashion collection… and the fact it's coming out for spring! A former title was 'Automne-Hiver'. I like that contrast between what you expect when reading the title and then listening to the music."

The album covers a frenetic mix of distorted breaks, booming 4/4 and otherwise mangled electronics. The album is supposedly constructed from samples in it's entirety - an impressive feat if true, especially considering the complexity of some of Janiaut's beatless motions. His prowess when it comes to sample manipulations might be best explained knowing he began his exploration into production with French hip-hop crew Butter Beats. "We are friends too" he starts when asked on his relationship with them. "I learnt to produce hip hop beats on Reason and Ableton with them. Sid (the rapper) helped me on my firsts techno tracks. I like the way they work, because they don't care what samples they use in their music; from '80s pop to Aphex Twin or Horror OSTs. I grew up listening to rap music on the radio and in skate videos. My introduction to electronic music was with turntablism, and the breakbeats we used for DJ battles."

Janiaut's mix for us features some of the French rap mentioned, as well as an equally diverse selection of techno, industrial and footwork style selections. "I think it represents the way I'm listening to music, I like contrasts and surprises. I'm not into playing it sleek" he states when asked on the thinking behind the mix, before leaving us with a question of his own: "Why should we dance only on one BPM for two hours?"


Esplendor Geometrico - Muerte A La Scala Industrial [Linea Alternativa]
DJ Slugo - Telegraph It [Dance Mania]
Russell Haswell - Hardwax Flashback [Diagonal]
Cliché - Machine 3180 [Signum]
Qoso - Strass & Paillettes [In Paradisum]
DJ Nigga Fox - Weed [Príncipe]
Head Front Panel - Untitled [Head Front Panel]
Hieroglyphic Being - Liquid Sex [Spectral Sound]
DJ Slugo - That's It [Dance Mania]
Unit Moebius - Sewer [Interr-Ference Communications]
Cristian Vogel - Comes [Unknown]
Surgeon - Boxy [Unknown]
Cut Hands - Festival Of The Dead [Blackest Ever Black]
DJ Katapila - Ice Inc [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
The Mole People - Ocean [Strictly Rhythm]
La Fouine, Mala - Boum Boum Boum [Unknown]
Cristian Vogel - Mad Sex [Tresor]
DJ Rush - Contour [Dance Trippin]
DJ Rashad - Gucci Mane - Bitch I Might Be (Juke Jams Remix) [Unknown]
La Peste - Le Syndrome Des Draps Cassants [Hangars Liquides]
Koopsta Knicca - Inside Of [Unknown]

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  • Apr 6, 2016
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