0069 // Cummi Flu & Raz Ohara


Photo by Pan Ohara

As we enter 2017, Raz Ohara and Cummi Flu present Y, an album of ritual rhythms and sacred song. This is not their first pairing. Since meeting 12 years ago, the duo have released two records together under Raz Ohara's Odd Orchestra. Raz Ohara himself is known foremost as an experimental folk singer, taking forays into the weird and wonderful world of neo-psychedelia. On Y though, though, Oliver Doerell, better known as Cummi Flu, steps into the foreground. Doerell works primarily as a multi-media instrumentalist, professing to "prey on ancient feelings of estrangement, sanctuary and self-exploration". On this record, Ohara's voice was treated as "an additional instrument, a colour" for Doerell to play with. There is also the presence of self-built instruments, including "rubber percussion", which features on every track.

The album makes for a head-scratching listen. From its very outset, the rhythms are wrong-footing; the melodies warbled and distorted. Almost every element, from melody to structure, have been bent out of discernible recognition. Ohara croons soulful song over reversed pan pipes, overdriven marimbas, accelerating tape loops. It's a record teeming with life and curiosity. In light of this new release, the pair have recorded a mixtape stockpiling some of the nebulous influences that informed it. You can expect to hear the sounds of gurgled water, folk crooning and Debussy.


Mika Bubble Sing - Mika Bubble Sing [Sonig]
Mèdjèmèrya - Various [Metro Select]
The Caliph's Tea Party - The Caliph's Tea Party [Warp]
Forever - Forever [unknown]
Beth Gibbons - Mysteries [Go! Beat]
Raz Ohara - Sungaze [Albumlabel]
Kobana - Kobana [unknown]
Matt Elliot - unknown [unknown]
Gonja Sufi - My Only Friend [Warp]
Debussy - Prelude à l'àpres-midi d'un Faun [Odyssey]
Various - White Reggae Troll [XL Recordings]
Dictaphone - utibeat [unknown]
Sorry Entertainer - Desperate Pilgrim [Shitkatapult]
Yo La Tengo - Saturday [Matador]

  • Published
  • Jan 1, 2017
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