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The Voyder released XXXXX LP is one of the loudest things I've ever heard. I remember a discussion with one of the collective, who was saying they'd initially thought about pressing it to vinyl, only to realise it was so loud any stylus would jump straight off the wax as soon as you started playing.

Written by Cornwall-based VORRS, XXXXX saw it's release in 2015, but as he explains the album had been in the making for a number of years previously. "The album started in 2010 while I was living in New Zealand" he begins. "The first track I completed was actually the final track on the album, 'GAME OVER'. It was probably the muddiest track I had made up to that point but it's the only track that actually made me want to write an album. I basically spent the next five years trying to expand on that sound."

VORRS first encountered the Voyder crew through Soundcloud discussions, although at that point the group hadn't begun the Voyder project, instead operating as a forum to share tracks between one another. "I had no idea who anyone was or where anyone was from but we started chatting and sharing new tracks" he begins when talking of their early encounters. "To be honest it was a massive boost to my motivation - there were people out there smashing way harder than me and I had to be up there too. I'm still not up there but it's fun trying! We met in Brighton to go to a gig and ended up jamming for hours. Arnod Vorrzpkngrr happened after a couple more trips and Voyder started soon after that."

Where the noise and breakcore scenes propagated by labels like Wrong Music are often cited by Voyder, dubstep was the biggest influence for the VORRS project. "I studied music tech at college at the same time dubstep was becoming more available" he says of his early forays into electronic music. "Dubstep gigs started popping up more regularly and I went to as many as I could, getting sweaty and going deaf. It's 100% what influenced me the most at that time. It just wasn't savage enough."

His set for us follows on from a live set he worked on for a show at Towards Collapse a couple of months ago. "It was recorded using hardware, mainly an Electribe and Kaoss Pad, with as much distortion as I can get from only one pedal" he says of the recording.

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  • Published
  • May 15, 2017
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