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I first came across the work of Chlo Edwards, aka CXLO watching her perform at a Conditional night in Manor House's New River Studios. Her sound is intriguing; in many ways dense and chaotic, yet in other ways incredibly high-sheen and polished.

Another intriguing thing about CXLO is that it has remained an entirely live project so far - she has performed in venues around the UK but is yet to see a release. Recently, she played at the ICA in London, for an EAVI gig. "Adam Parkinson [Dane Law] asked me to DJ and said I could get weird" she begins when asked about the show. "As it was in a gallery I felt it was a good space to experiment using other peoples songs. At some points I had four songs playing, stretched to their extremes. I was just processing the textures and blending them together. I was also controlling all the panning as I wanted it to feel like the audience were inside it."

Pressed on why she has immersed herself in the live aspect of electronic music so far rather than releasing, she reveals its a way to experiment as much as anything else. "I wanted to get in a live space as much as possible" she starts. "I think it's because I'm used to being in a band so being in a loud space with other people was part of the writing process. I've been using live shows as a way to learn and experiment."

Edwards began her forays into electronic music as a teenager, writing abstract breakcore before being sucked into the band circuit for a while. "My laptop got smashed and the band started to get really active" she says of her hiatus from production. "I poured myself into bands for about ten years. My most recent band broke up just over a year ago and that's when I decided to start producing again. I downloaded Ableton last September and have basically spent the last year doing it full time just learning and writing."

Growing up in Cornwall, there was an obvious draw to labels like Warp and Planet Mu for Edwards. "In those days it was like Hellfish & Producer, Venetian Snares, Doormouse and so on" she says of her early influences. "I used to come up to London to go to Bangface when I was like 17 (laughs). I'd tell my mum I was staying at a mates and just get on a train to London. I loved the chaotic rhythms and energy."

Later this year, there are plans for a CXLO EP, although it's yet to be seen quite when it will see its release. While we wait though, Edwards has been kind enough to contribute to our mix series, providing half an hour of butchered contemporary electronics.


Loto Retina - Forme 2
Roel Funken - Malvo Sims
Suda - Inter
M.E.S.H. - Thorium
N1L - Hazy One
Roel Funken - Snapp Zoid
Teengirl Fantasy - Star Rise
Qoso- Peaches 'N Cream
Roel Funken - Greytone Baxter
Low Jack - Coquelin Cloarec (Emotions)
Slavish Armani - The Water Awaits You
Loto Retina - Forme 3

  • Published
  • Sep 16, 2017
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