0085 // Schreib


Photo by Paul Herent

The latest in our mix series comes from newly-formed French imprint, Quanta Records. The label have been in operation for just over two years, beginning as a platform for releases from 'Infinite Fields'. These early EPs are synth-y, high-octane tech-house. But fast forward a few months and the label are about to release some seriously extreme plunderphonic breakcore noise (or 'computer music', for short). So how did we get here?

"I don’t have a musical background", he begins. "I started listening to a lot of music very young but never properly studied it. I remember going to the library, borrowing some CDs in order to rip them at home, returning them and doing it again. It was almost faster than downloading at that time! I think listening to a lot of music without knowing its theory has helped me develop an approach based on perceptions. I rely on what it makes me feel, what it conveys in terms of sensation. I also like to document my listening, learn about the context of a record, the history of a movement, and the ideas its protagonists were saying".

In anticipation of their new release from GAMESHARK™, Quanta Records have provided the latest installment of our mix series. Listen below:


Luc Ferrari – Hétérozygote (GRM, 1964)
Kassel Jaeger – Ner (Editions Mego, 2017)
Pan Daijing – Practice Of Hygiene (PAN, 2017)
Mohammad – Marik (Antifrost, 2014)
Mats Erlandsson – Glances (Posh Isolation, 2016)
Ø – Kesämaa / Summerland (Sähkö Recordings, 2005)
Electric Birds – Strata (Inc.us, 2001)
Jeff Mills – Cultus (Axis, 2014)
Kassel Jaeger – Aster (Editions Mego, 2017)
Rabit – Elevation (Halcyon Veil, 2017)

  • Published
  • Mar 5, 2018
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