0090 // Guido Möbius


Photo by Manuel Miethe.

The latest in our mix series comes from Guido Möbius, artist, producer and label head. Möbius' musical material is a trip. In 2016, he released his sixth full-length LP, Batagur Baska, an unusual album exploring a range of divergent sounds, from chromatic Jazz guitar to the innocent whistle of a child’s recorder. His live shows are just as fun, with audience participation and inclusion within the music itself (in one video, he even records the collective scream of audience members and re-samples it).

Möbius is also head of the emphase imprint, and this mix features choice selections from the label's ONE series: a sequence of 7"s using only one instrument. In Möbius' own words, "each track was made exclusively for the label and performed on one instrument only: accordion, mbira, farfisa organ, piano, cats..." Listen below.

No Tracklist Available.

  • Published
  • May 13, 2018
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