0096 // Nancy Drone


The latest mix in the series comes from Berlin based producer, and self-proclaimed "electric detective", Nancy Drone. Some may know the Nancy Drone project from her astounding album from earlier this year, Displacement. The front cover of Displacement, drawn by close friend Melissa Dias-Mandoly, shows an aghast, hovering, dismembered face, in cartoonish anime-style body-horror. Nancy Drone wrote that the artwork is "an accurate representation of me/my sound/mind/concept in general". Indeed, this is a record full of bold stabs and razor-sharp edits. These fast chops and assemblages give the music a crucial freshness and vitality. It's as if the music itself is capable of slicing you in two. Listen for example, to 'Counter-Productive' or 'Stim De Novo', two of the year's most concept-rich tracks. As William Burroughs once wrote, "when you cut into the present, the future leaks out".

To celebrate this release, we asked Nancy Drone to contribute to our mix series. Much like Displacement, this mix presents music that is jam-packed with ideas, all the way from 80s power-pop to jungle and breakcore. In an email exchange, she explained that "it's such a rag tag mix, and tends to bounce around a lot ... kinda like how my head feels all the time!"

The title of the mix file is 'songsforfeeling', but the sentence remains incomplete for the listener to conclude... Listen below.


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  • Published
  • Jul 9, 2019
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