Premiere // Ausschuss on Haunter Records


Since beginning the label in 2013, founders Daniele Guerrini and Francesco Birsa Alessandri have taken Haunter Records in all manner of directions. There has been the roughneck four-to-the-floor techno of Cage Suburbia, the Radiophonic burblings of Somec, Zuli's distortion-laced jungle and Petit Singe's Eastern-influenced computer music.

Their latest offering is no less idiosyncratic. Written by Berlin-based producer Linus Nicholson, aka Ausschuss, Room1 is a decidedly sci-fi take on electroacoustic experimentation — a grainy exodus into wistful neoclassical compositions and data-moshed found-sounds. At times the EP calls to mind Mica Levi's Under The Skin soundtrack with its icy and foreboding soundscapes. Opener 'Drown Later' begins with caustic splashes of ambience, skittish percussion swaying to and fro lazily. Then there are tracks like 'Blinding Partner', a looming and sinister presence full of windswept drones and howling incantations.

With the release due on November 2nd, the Milan-based label generously offered up an exclusive preview of title track 'Room1', a head-spinning mesh of granulated chimes, undulating low-end and gravelly atmospherics. Check out the full track below:

  • Published
  • Oct 21, 2018
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