Premiere // Eye Measure on Cherche Encore


The manifesto for London-based label and club night Cherche Encore lists a series of boredoms. Boredom of sexist DJs; of the financialisation of club spaces; of the lurking police presence; of clubs in general. What they try to offer instead is a night that broadens inclusivity, where no-one is turned away for lack of funds, and there is free food and condoms at every event. The phrase 'Cherche Encore' means 'to look again' or 'to keep looking'. In this case, Cherche Encore encourages us to see clubbing in a different light: not as passive consumers but as active participants in an evolving social process.

As well a club night, Cherche Encore also operates a digital label. Their latest release, "Being to the Left of Textor", comes from ambient musician, Eye Measure. Some might recognise the Eye Measure moniker through her involvement with new age ambient label, New Atlantis, and their regular showcases together in Peckham’s Rye Wax. But if ambient is meant to denote a sense of calm, this latest EP is anything but. Listen for example to a premiere of ‘The Sacrifice’ from the EP below. Here, the use of closely entwined sine waves creates a creeping sense of disquiet, and the wooden percussion creaks and groans like a ship ready to capsize.

The EP will be released on Thursday 4th, and Cherche Encore will be celebrating this release with a party on April 6th. The evening will feature performances from Eye Measure, as well as jlte, SQC, aamin, Charles Verni, Daniel M Karlsson, hmurd, and Hortense. The details for this event can be found here.

  • Published
  • Mar 31, 2019
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