Feels Like // Anima

Feels Like

Southampton-based Greg Edward’s spacious new track successfully marries classic house ambience with 2-step grooves. The warm synth-stabs that ground ‘Feels Like’ at a moody distance throughout, giving room for a littering of light vocal-samples that orbit the chords comfortably. The vocals wouldn’t sound out of place on a Joy Orbison track - airy, soulful and tastefully sparse.

The garage-bass, however, is a pleasant surprise, and bounces off a frisky off-kilt beat comprised of crisp hi-hats and a punchy snare that keeps you on your toes. This gives the track its fresh feel and distinction.

Indeed, much of what is great about this track can be found in the production, which is surely Edward’s strong point. Anima has either given a garage tune some intensity or given a house tune some complexity, but either way he has the technical toolbox to do both.

  • Published
  • Aug 16, 2011
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