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The first of our podcast series is courtesy of London based producer Theo Darton-Moore, aka ‘Stavrogin’. The nineteen year old has a forthcoming EP entitled Reflections with young French label ‘B.Yrslf Division’, as well as plans to release through ‘Courtship Records’ - a new venture by Life Crushed Blog.

Attempting to showcase some of the wonderful unreleased work swamping soundcloud at the moment, this mix slides from spacey hip-hop, to club friendly house, to garage and dubstep. Massive respect to all the artists that contributed their work for this mix and no doubt we will be hearing alot more from them in the near future!


  1. Cairo // Castle On The Moon [Unreleased]
  2. Andy Petr // Club Sometimes Calling [Unreleased]
  3. Arae // UntitledMovement [Unreleased]
  4. Pasteman // The Movement [Unreleased]
  5. Nguzunguzu // Got U (Berou & Canblaster Remix) [Unreleased]
  6. Mahni // Only [Unreleased]
  7. Rumah // The Box [Unreleased]
  8. Filthy Yello // Antarcteque [Unreleased]
  9. Buzzlin // Caked [Unreleased]
  10. Hadean // Fap [Unreleased]
  11. Stavrogin // Know By Now [Unreleased]
  12. Bwana // Feelin High [Life Crushed]
  13. Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu // I’ll Be Gone (Kapture Remix) [Unreleased]
  14. Lorca // Hold Back [Left_Blank]
  15. Admin // Never Hurt You [Unreleased]

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  • Published
  • Aug 16, 2011
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