0002 // Bwana


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, twenty year old DJ and producer Nathan Micay aka ‘Bwana’ has been making a big name for himself in a very short space of time. Blending soulful R&B vocals with atmospheric reverberating percussion, combined with intelligent synth play, Bwana is known for his mixture of dance friendly rhythms and evocative melodics. Make sure to look out for forthcoming releases on ‘Infinite Machine’, featuring some of Micay’s most well regarded tracks such as It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over and When There Is Nothing Left.

The following mix from the now Leeds based producer explores the deeper end of the bass music scene, featuring tracks from the likes of Koreless, Jacques Greene, The Weeknd and Fantastic Mr Fox. Also look out for some slyly placed soundcloud favourites from Bwana’s contemporaries such as Arae and Bondax.


  1. Jacques Greene // Another Girl [LuckyMe]
  2. Arae // Get To Know U [3rdeyeldn]
  3. Kelis // Brave [Dark Sky Remix] [Polydor]
  4. Koreless // M.T.I [Pictures Music]
  5. Bwana // Can’t You Just [Unreleased]
  6. Bondax // Just Smile For Me [Unreleased]
  7. Various Productions // Stuck [Unreleased]
  8. Submerse // Hold It Down [Well Rounded]
  9. Integral // Bipolar [feat. ImOne] [3rdeyeldn]
  10. Hyetal // Phoenix [Black Acre]
  11. The Weeknd // The Morning [Self Released]
  12. James Blake // CMYK [Eldoko Remix] [Unreleased]
  13. T.E.E.D // How Far [Greco Roman]
  14. Zulu // Kwaito [Unreleased]
  15. Round Table Knights // Calypso [Made To Play]
  16. Eldoko // Wood Worm Blues [Unreleased]
  17. Fantastic Mr. Fox // Sepia Song [Black Acre]
  18. Stavrogin // Run Down [B.Yrslf Division]
  19. James Blake // Give A Man A Rod [Second Version] [Hessle Audio]

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  • Published
  • Aug 17, 2011
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