0009 // Static Fields


Our ninth mix comes via the man behind ‘Static Fields’ blog, Joshua Smith. Studying in Falmouth, he set up Static Fields after listening to friends shows, and is now churning out a mix a week. His Stray Landings donation comes in the form of the third in the ‘Nocturne’ series. The Nocturne podcasts are used as an outlet for the best in experimental ambient music, away from Static Fields usual selections of Dubstep & Techno. Look out for plenty of Tim Hecker, along with some names you might not be so familiar with.

Whilst Static Fields don’t have a soundcloud account you can check them out over at their tumblr account, here.


  1. Trentemoller // While The Cold Winter Waiting [Poker Flat Recordings]
  2. Loscil // Ema [Kranky]
  3. 36 // The Box [3Six Recordings]
  4. Taylor Deupree // Everything’s Gone Grey [12K]
  5. Summons of Shining Ruins // Uta [Resting Bell]
  6. Tim Hecker // Currents of Electrostasy [Kranky]
  7. Sora // Revans [Plop]
  8. Loscil // Estuarine [Kranky]
  9. Roof Light // Kite Tails & Redwings [Highpoint Lowlife Records]
  10. Roof Light // Daytrips & Starlight [Highpoint Lowlife Records]
  11. Sofus Forsberg // Hallo [Jenka Music]
  12. Ryuichi Sakamoto // Still Life [Decca]
  13. The Dead Texan // A Chronicle Of Early Failures - Part 2 [Kranky]
  14. 36 // Juliet [3Six Recordings]
  15. Taylor Deupree // Northern [12K]
  16. Tim Hecker // Arctic Loner’s Rock (Part 1) [Alien8 Recordings]

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00009 // Static Fields Mix [Nocturne #3] by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

  • Published
  • Feb 27, 2012
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