0015 // Mannheim Rocket


The fifteenth mix on our series comes from Sydney based Mannheim Rocket, an artist we have written about previously following the release of his collaborative EP with Magnetic Northwest. Released on Mannheim Rocket’s own label 3BS Records, the EP tied the sounds of the burgeoning techno scene with more melodic flavours, something all too often lacking in the genre.

The fact that Mannheim Rocket’s projects are often heavily melodically led is not surprising since the initial aim of the project was to bring contemporary classical music to a wider audience. The ensuing forty-seven minute mix he has concocted for us is reflective of this, featuring tracks from a variety of artists who seem to look for something more in a track than just its rhythmic elements.

Look out for 3BS’ first release of 2013 in the near future, from Melbourne based artistic collective ‘Lost Few’.


  1. Djrum // Watermark [Second Drop]
  2. Area Forty_One // Coalescence [Delsin Records]
  3. Rrose x Bob Ostertag // Wack [Variation One]
  4. Sandwell District // Immolare [Soma]
  5. Kassem Mosse // Enoha [Non-Plus]
  6. Pearson Sound // Stifle [Hessle Audio]
  7. Surgeon // (Intro) (Version II) [Tresor]
  8. MagneticNW // Stormcall [Nivacords]
  9. Perc // Tension [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  10. Robert Hood // Alpha [M-Plant]
  11. Mannheim Rocket // Vines [Unreleased]
  12. Ghost_ // Seqe [Ghost Music]
  13. Ricardo Villalobos // Dexter [Playhouse]
  14. Shackleton // The Branch Is Weak [Skull Disco]
  15. Pole // Jungs [~Scape~]
  16. Actress // Shadow From Tartarus [Honest Jons]
  17. Laurel Halo // Hour Logic [Hippos In Tanks]

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  • Published
  • Jan 17, 2013
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