0020 // Kamikaze Space Programme


Chris Jarman has had a rather lengthy career, having released music since the early 2000s under the alias Raiden. Whilst he was also working with Industrial, Trip Hop & Techno in his formative years, it was Jarman’s D&B tunes that came to dominate the Raiden moniker. “The D&B tunes tunes I made were snapped up by a big label very quickly, so that pretty much took over my life, yet my D&B material has remained highly Techno influenced.” Jarman says of his releases as Raiden. “It got to a point where I wanted to go back and do something I didn’t necessarily have the chance to do before, midlife production crisis maybe?”

The so called ‘midlife production crisis’ Jarman mentions has come in the form of a rebranding of his output, and July sees the second offering from his most recent pseudonym ‘Kamikaze Space Programme’ out on West Norwood Cassette Library. “When the first KSP release came out in late 2011 Bob [WNCL] instantly supported me and we have been talking ever since.” he considers of the releases formation. “He’s very patient & particular about what he puts out, so it took almost a year to get this release together, but he brought the best out of me.”

Those who have heard previews of the forthcoming EP will certainly agree the release has been worth the wait, highlighting Jarman’s deftness at re-contextualising samples. “Everytime you hear the sound it takes you back to when you recorded it and a mental image of an object/situation that produced the sound, you’ve frozen that moment in time.” he explains. “It’s interesting to see people dancing to a track that’s made entirely from loose change that was in my pocket for example, you’ve taken sounds you wouldn’t normally regard in the context of dance music, yet it’s the things we hear in everyday life.”

The mix Jarman has put together for us covers plenty of affront new KSP material, comfortably placing it alongside offerings from his contemporaries such Clouds and Boner M. “I was aiming for a mix of crunchy music full of texture and harmonics” he adds. “I recorded the mix using Ableton live using Push and various midi controllers, a sampler acting as a drum machine and a delay FX unit all on the fly.”

Keep an eye out for the Kamikaze Space Programme EP on WNCL over this month, and also expect to see an EP for TRUST under the byname in the future.


  1. Bloodman // Views [DecaRhythm]
  2. 1DERL& & Kamikaze Space Programme // Piriparas [Unreleased]
  3. MPIA3 // Casual Welding [Avian]
  4. Kamikaze Space Programme // Radio [Unreleased]
  5. Clouds // Krafterah [Turbo Recordings]
  6. Kamikaze Space Programme // Battery [WNCL]
  7. Ed Chamberlain // Landline [Unreleased]
  8. Kamikaze Space Programme // HSBC [Unreleased]
  9. Kamikaze Space Programme // Pyongyang [WNCL]
  10. Aphex Twin // Window Licker (Acid Edit) [Warp]
  11. Groove Armada // Pull Up (WNCL Remix) [Hypercolour]
  12. Kamikaze Space Programme // Loose Change [WNCL]
  13. Paul Mac // Grand Statement [Unreleased]
  14. Manni Dee // Romatic Self [Black Sun Records]
  15. Caustic Window // Schmart [Unreleased]
  16. Boner M // Poke [Pennyroyal]
  17. Wishmountain // Nescafe [Accidental]
  18. Kamikaze Space Programme // Network Rail [WNCL]
  19. Kamikaze Space Programme // Clapper [Unreleased]
  20. Ancient Methods // Castling Becomes Inevitable [Ancient Methods]

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  • Published
  • Jul 2, 2013
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