0026 // L.A.W.


These days known better by the L.A.W acronym which they produce rugged warehouse techno under, the background of Irish sisters Lisa & Alice Wallace is perhaps not what you’d expect. “Our parents are both from farming backgrounds and live active lifestyles so we were always kept busy growing up. If we ever wanted to watch TV, we had to knit. Not cool.” they begin when we asked the duo about their musical history earlier this month. “One of our weekly ‘distractions’ was attending piano lessons from a very young age, sometimes dragged to lessons being typical nightmare kids; we were reluctant to practice, but we are now thankful for our mother’s persistence. Our family were also members of the local flute band – there are seven in our family, so we pretty much made up half the band! Lisa also studied music in school and university. Our first family holiday to Ibiza back in 1999 led us to dance music; we visited a record shop in San Antonio and heard this music over the soundsystem that pretty much blew our minds. The obsession went from there, to aspiring to be DJs ‘when we grew up!’”

After realising this aspiration, the progression from DJing into production seemed only natural for the pair. “When we first heard dance music we wanted to become DJs to make people dance and that has naturally led into producing as we want to make music to let people feel how we do when music gives us the butterflies.”

Having had their first release with Slap Jaxx Records, the pair have gone on to release with Rebekah’s tightly curated Decoy imprint, gaining support for their full-throttle approach to industrial techno. “We were really happy with the feedback the ‘Condemner EP’ received and it’s cool to have a release alongside some amazing producers on Rebekah’s label. We have always been inspired by Rebekah; her productions, sets and work-ethos are on another level and she is fresh proof that females can be taken seriously and be successful within such a male-dominated genre.”

Alongside continued support from Rebekah, Dave Clarke has also been a keen supporter of the L.A.W. Project, picking them as winners of the Demo Demolition Competition at ADE 2012. “Dave is one of those people that we get completely star-struck with; talented, knowledgeable, hilarious and never predictable.” they explain of their relationship with Dave. “We have followed his Whitenoise show for years and would encourage anyone to do so; there is something for everyone in there. He educates, crosses many genres sophistically, is truly passionate about every aspect of music and makes time for listening to unknown producers. We sent Dave a promo of our debut ‘AWOL EP’ in 2012 which he supported on his radio show and in his sets, which was a real personal achievement for us.”

With the recent release of their Illegal Alien EP, ‘Critter’, L.A.W. have graced us with an exclusive mix, road testing the recent release alongside some older favourites. “We are strong believers that good music does not have a shelf-life. We included tracks from our favourite labels and producers and some very talented up-coming artists. We didn’t hold back with this mix – it’s a hardy one… and we hope you enjoy it!”


  1. Mael // Ozon [Unknown]
  2. Shards // Illape [Mord]
  3. Ricardo Garduno // Hologram [Brood Audio]
  4. L.A.W. // Critter (Fixeer remix) [Illegal Alien Records]
  5. Future 16 // Vertigo [Amazone Records]
  6. John Mitchell // Sequenced Events [Unknown]
  7. Ricardo Garduno // Lie After Lie [Brood Audio]
  8. Forward Strategy Group // Code 3 [Perc Trax]
  9. L.A.W. // Critter [Illegal Alien Records]
  10. Rocco Caine // Code Sui [Driving Forces]
  11. L.A.W. // Repulse [Illegal Alien Records]
  12. Tomohiko Sagae // DSPS 1 [HueHelix]
  13. Perc // Take Your Body Off [Perc Trax]
  14. D. Carbone // Stochastic Acid Theory [3TH]
  15. DRH // CRS 4.0 [Curse]
  16. David Meiser // Pursuing My Way [Sonntag Morgen]
  17. Marcel Fengler // Sky Pushing (Dave Clarke Remix) [Ostgut Ton]

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  • Feb 20, 2014
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