0032 // Ligovskoï


"Valerio met Voiski while doing his art studies in Paris" Ligovsko_ï_ begin when asked how they first came into contact with the owner of Parisian imprint Dement3d, for which they have recently provided the second release. ”He played him some of our very first pieces, and Voiski liked them straight away. He and the Silicate label that Voiski founded with some other musicians invited us to participate in the project “Outland”, a CD compilation based on the science fiction film of the same name. One of our pieces from this compilation has been published and we performed live during the release party. That’s how we have met Heartbeat, who was trying to build Dement3d at the time. Our collaboration with Dement3d started and we worked together on our EP - All four original tracks are very important to us; they evoke different images and emotions that we’ve come across over the last three years.”

Whilst the first of their releases have only begun to materialise in the last few years, Nikolaï Azonov & Valerio Selig's relationship in fact stretches back a good ten years - the pair first met in high school. “We spent a lot of time together talking and playing the music trying different styles” they explain of their introduction to electronic music. ”The discovery of ambient music was a real revelation for us, it seemed obvious to us that we wanted to follow this path. We really found ourselves in this music; there was some kind of alchemy.” Despite the pair's long standing friendship however, the collaboration process is not quite as straight forward as you might expect, with Brussels based Azonov living near 200 miles from Selig's residence in Paris. “We work from a distance. One starts a song and then sends it to the other to add some elements etc. When we feel we have enough material we meet in Nikolaï's studio for construction, arrangement and mix of the songs.”

Recorded in Brussels, Ligovskoi’s mix for us covers a range of influences, including some of the formative listening material alongside their own productions ”Each of the tracks in its own way had a significant impact on us making us the Vibrate release showing future paths to follow and doors to open.”


  1. Stephan Mathieu // Auf Der Gasse [Die Schachtel]
  2. Tetsu Inoue // Elevator Drops [Unknown]
  3. Lawrence English // Droplet [12K]
  4. Tim Hecker // Borderlands [Kranky]
  5. Tu m’ // Monochrome#1 [LINE]
  6. Shuttle 358 // Ash [12K]
  7. Eliane Radigue & Lama Kunga // Symbols for Yogic Experience [Lovely Music]
  8. Belong // Same Places (Slow Version) [Table Of The Elements]
  9. Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays // Ozark [ECM Records]
  10. Radiohead // Treefinger [Parlophone]
  11. Celer // The Die That’s Caste [Conv]

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0032 // Ligovskoï by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

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  • Sep 4, 2014
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