0033 // Finn Of Tomland


Residing in Malmö, Sweden, Finn of Tomland (aka Finn Albertsson) approaches the art of DJing differently. Since the hedonistic excesses of the ’90s, Albertsson has operated under a different guise, his Finn Of Tomland project marking the start of a slower, deeper, more considered sound. Few DJs have the courage to include such a wide-range of different styles in their mixes; ranging from dank dub landscapes to hyper-frenzied noise. It is arguably this freeform approach that has led to Albertsson receiving wide acclaim for his sets, an achievement noted by Copenhagen venue Culture Box, with whom he now has a residency.

Alongside his work as a DJ, Albertsson also runs the fantastic SonuoS imprint, exposing a range of leftfield producers to the scene at large, pushing an array of sounds as diverse as his DJ selections. With this in mind, If you like what you hear in this mix don’t hesitate to visit the SonuoS Soundcloud page, here.


  1. Drvg Cvltvre // Moment 4 [New York Hunted]
  2. Peder Mannerfelt // Untitled 3 Edit [We Can Elude Control]
  3. Pokk! // System [SM-LL]
  4. Sons Of Melancholia // Liquid Revolution [diametric.]
  5. Fenin // Seven Seas [Dock Records]
  6. SKV18 // A Untitled [Hidden Hawaii]
  7. Isaac Spayes // More Gaz (Sid’s Cut) [Born Free Records]
  8. Scuba Death // Receptor Antagonist [Further Records]
  9. Le Revelateur // Another (Terminal) [Air Texture]
  10. Durusin // Redea [An-epic]
  11. 943 // B Untitled [Hidden Hawaii]
  12. Stanislav Tolkachev // Past [Semantica]
  13. Fluxion // Expansion [Echocord]
  14. Lars Fenin // Outside [Dock Records]
  15. Scuba Death // Rapture Of The Deep [Further Records]
  16. SKV18 // B Untitled [Hidden Hawaii]
  17. Durusin // Moldevo [An-epic]
  18. Ntogn & Tozzy // Wsjr [Hypnus]
  19. ANFS // Ground #2 [Modal Analysis]
  20. Sendai // Directive [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  21. Lakker // Darcdub [Krake]
  22. Dscrd // Watch And Punish [DEMENT3D]
  23. DB1 // B Untitled [Hidden Hawaii]
  24. Clock DVA // Kabaret 13 [ARMCOMM]
  25. Dscrd // Maskinen [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  26. Kalos // Daily March [Eklero]

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0033 // Finn Of Tomland by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

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  • Sep 26, 2014
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