0041 // Senking


Since the rise of dubstep into international megastardom, many of us have felt robbed by the assimilation of the genre into American mainstream culture. During the late 2010s, it became difficult for producers to reinvent themselves against the predominant festival headliners and sell-out venues, and adopt an alternative experimental style that still remained indigineous to dubstep heritage. As a result, UK dubstep nights appeared to lull and insist instead on house and techno sets, leaving the genre in something of a purgatory state. But there are some keeping the dream alive, as Senking’s latest instalment of our podcast series can attest; “I sure would like to see more of this kind of music being release these days” he explains, “I remember seeing Skream and Loefah years ago in Cologne. This was a great night of dancing for me, it felt like being 16 again [laughs].”

Since then, Senking has blended the tighter, more mechanical approach of dub techno with the murky dubstep of the 00s. “Of course, in this mix there is plenty of dubstep and I think it´s no secret that I´m into this kind of stuff - it had an influence on my late work. But I´m not that interested in making dubstep now.” So why this turn to dubstep in the mix? “The thinking behind the mix in general was more about the “bastard rock” idea: several tracks running at the same time. I´m enjoying this a lot at the moment as it is not so much about making music, but more about administrating music… This way, I can be just a fanboy by putting this stuff together; it´s so great to play around with different tracks and being surprised when they fit together in a way I like. In the end, for me, this mix is about the joy of music making.”


Killawatt & Thelem // Swarf [New Moon Recordings]
Kaiju // M16 [Osiris Music]
Proxima // Grunge [Tempa]
Benton // Whormholes [Wheel & Deal Records]
Proxima // Lie Detection [Tempa]
Proxima // Thermal Vision [Tempa]
Reso // Smash Yer Face In [Civil Music]
SPMC & LX One // Hunted [Tempa]
Two Fingers // Vengeance Rhythm [Big Dada Recordings]
Rhythm & Sound // King and Queen in my Empire “duet” [Burial Mix]
Seba // Special Ops [Combination Recordings]
Tricky // Mad Frankie Fraser [Palm Pictures]
Ratking feat. King Krule // So Sick Stories [HXC Recordings]
Supermax // Love Mashine [Atlantic]
Deadbeat // Undercover (feat. Paul st Hilaire) [BLKRTZ]
Luomo // Present Lover [Kinetic Records]
Adrian Lux // Teenage Crime [Axtone Records]
Cyrus & Distance // Titan [Chestplate]
D – Operation Drop // Poison (Core Remix) [Nomad Records]

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0041 // Senking by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

  • Published
  • Jan 20, 2015
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