0055 // Cage Suburbia


Project of Haunter Records co-founder Daniele Guerrini and Matthias Girardi aka Weightausend, Cage Suburbia has a feeling of spontaneity about it. Each of their productions begin with a live recording from the pair, as they explained to us earlier this month. "We came up with those ideas more or less like with every other release we’ve made" they begin when quizzed on their recent 'Argument #03' EP. "We build a noise structure upon a series of rhythmic patterns, recording everything live. Our working process is usually divided in two phases: in the first we design the sounds, the beats and set the audio modules, the second phase is the actual performance and recording."

The pair have had three releases to date, all out via Haunter and all tagged by the Argument series. Their quick workflow gives their tracks firebomb levels of intensity - each release is recorded in a single day to retain a consistent set of tonal qualities. The sound the duo have arrived at was not always the Cage Suburbia manifesto however. "We met a few years before the birth of Haunter and initially, our tracks were way more dub-oriented" they begin. "They were usually recorded with found hardware - but mostly with just one drum machine, one monophonic sound module and various pedals and amps. These now lead to our current set up made of broken drum machines, homemade wavetable synths, vintage samplers and various distortion and delay pedals."

Their mix for us covers an unexpectedly diverse range of styles and moods, from clattering dub to acid-laced Eastern percussive experiments. As the duo explain, "We did this mix using tracks that influence us and our individual ideas of sound, rather than those that influence the Cage Suburbia sound. It contains a lot of dub and a track from our friends Primitive Art, as well as some unreleased tracks from our solo projects. We're currently undergoing an On-U fixation and most of the stuff we're listening is dub, soundtracks and library records."

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0055 // Cage Suburbia by Stray Landings on Mixcloud

  • Published
  • Dec 26, 2015
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