0081 // Chiyou Ding


The 'Happened' event series began as an offshoot from neo-minimalist imprint, SM-LL. The label is perhaps best known for platforming the more esoteric side of minimalism, championing three key principals: repetition, reduction and reference. The idea of 'Happened' was to bring this music out of the headphones and into the real world. It was a brave move, not least because of the recondite nature of the music. Would anyone be willing to submit their evenings to a few hours of intense experimentalism? Yes, it turns out. And although there is of course a strong cross-over between SM-LL and Happened, the event series is upon to a much broader scope of electronic music, from jungle to gabba to ambient. Since their first event just over a year ago, they have hosted events with Yves de Mey, Shelley Parker, Ewa Justka and Graham Dunning.

Their next event is billed as an ode to experimental music from Taiwan, including performances from Alois Yang, Yen-Tzu Chang, Chiyou Ding and Happened-head-honcho, Lucia H Chung. In preparation for this event, Chiyou Ding has supplied a mix of some of his highlights from the Taiwanese experimental scene. "Throughout this mix, you can hear some field recordings, noise, avant-grade and electronica pieces from different generational artists," Ding explains. "I hope this mix demonstrates that there are some people doing some weird sounds in this small, sweet potato-shaped island". It's also worth noting that the majority of these compositions come from Yao Dajuin’s 'Post Concrete' imprint, an important resource for anyone interested in Taiwanese sound art (read more here). Don't be put off by the opening rendition of Yankee Doodle. As Ding advises, "it’s better to let the pieces tell their own story". Listen below.


Yankee Doodle Dadadada!!!!! // Minkoku Hyakunen
Kurojawan // Xie Zhongqi
[Chih-Feng Lin] // Lim Giang
~~ // Dino
06 // ZhangYou-Sheng
Rusty Crane Keelong // Fish
There She Is, Standing and Walking on Her Own // Chang Hui-Sheng
Realgar // Liu Fangyi & Xu Jared
THE ORIGINAL MOVEMENT (Bonus Track) // Jiang Liwei
Bird Lady // PEI
Cursive // Yao Dajuin
parameter-morphing // lyd
SanJiaDu // Lee Yehlin

  • Published
  • Oct 21, 2017
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