0086 // Caldera


A caldera is a volcanic crater formed after an eruption of magma; a scar left on the earth after one of the planet’s most dramatic natural processes. It’s a bold title to give any artistic project, and German producer Malte Schumann has certainly risen to the challenge. He counts the likes of Jan Jelinek, Martyn and Flying Lotus as influences, crafting an expansive discography of everything from the ethereal, slow-motion dub-house he has released with labels like Sonic Moiré, through to the skippy, UK bass tinged work he has put out with labels like Edinburgh’s Cut Music.

Last year Schumann released the ‘134% OK’ EP on WNCL Recordings, an oddball fusion of unhinged avant-house and discordant, lo-fi melodics. Asked about his developing relationship with the label, he reveals his first introduction to the South London label: “I bought my first WNCL record in 2013 - the ‘Krenshaw’ 12” by Bobby Champs. What grabbed my attention was the interesting drum work and sound design. It was at a time where I was starting to get more into techno, house and UK bass after a few years of playing drum and bass and dubstep.” Schumann contacted the label’s founder Bob Bhamra a few years later to share some of his own music and discuss the label. “I don’t really send out many demos and even though these initial tracks didn’t make a release on his label, I was impressed with how dedicated his feedback was. You could really tell that he took his time to listen and respond. I think everyone knows how much that’s worth as a small artist, and how frustrating it can be to send out demos. We kept in touch and at some point randomly met in person at the counter of Rye Wax in Peckham. He’s the nicest guy in South London! I’m sure people who’ve met him will agree, plus his organisational skills are 134% on point. I think it’s important to know the people you’re releasing with and be able to relate to them… It gets a bit lonely in this internet music world sometimes!”

Originally from Duisburg, Germany, Schumann moved to Brighton in 2015, having seen the opportunity to finish a vocational training course in childcare he was undertaking. The UK music scene was an additional pull, playing an important role in his decision. He has stayed in Brighton since, but that’s not say there weren’t any cultural shocks to be had along the way. “I have to admit that I was a bit confused when I went out in Brighton for the first time and everyone was already drunk by about 8.00pm”, Malte comments when asked about the difference between the two countries in terms of club culture. “Maybe that’s more of a Brighton thing because of the big student population. What I miss most are clubs with more than just one or two floors - more than just a space to dance. An event can be such an important hub for community and creativity – I think the strict regulations in the UK make it difficult to cultivate that kind of vibe. In general though, I’ve never heard so much good music and met so many gifted musicians as in the UK.”

Malte’s mix for us is comprised exclusively of material from Brighton-based producers. “I wanted a snapshot of the current state of the music scene and the people that surround me”, he says when asked about the mix. “It contains mostly friends of mine and people who are involved in the local electronic music scene here. During my first week living here I attended an event called ‘Wax Work’ which was about hanging out and playing short vinyl sets in a club or bar during the week. I met so many great people through that and it was a great hub for the local community. It still has a positive impact even though it’s not happening anymore. A lot of these connections are maintained through ‘Patterns’, where Charles Green, Circa 2000 and I all have residencies.”

“I’ve also included some people that I haven’t met before – or only briefly – like Etch, Medrea, Jaime Read and Four Heads. Jaime Read has been producing house since the ’90s, Etch is one of Brighton’s (or even the UK’s?) finest break-slicers and Medrea is an amazing up-and-coming producer. Four Heads are involved in Brighton’s experimental/ambient/noise improv scene, which is actually surprisingly big. There is a monthly event called ‘Splitting the Atom’ with musicians performing experimental music all day at the Green Door Store. I always enjoy going there for a pint. There’s a visible community spirit.”

###Tracklist QGB - And Then They Burst The Bubble [Unreleased]
Caldera - Untitled [Unreleased]
Charles Green - Gamma Rays [Four Triangles]
Metrist - Nos Ossos [Neighbourhood]
Etch - Synapse Cluster [Gully]
Four Heads - In The Tunnels (Onemancrimewave Mix) [Spirit of Gravity]
Circa 2000 - She Made Me Wait (Computer Club)
SDXN - Turtle Dove (Thru With Love) [Quietly Making Noise]
Medrea - Untitled 02 [Hokkaido Dance Club]
QGB - Morph Impossible [Forthcoming Present Tense]
Caldera - Untitled [Unreleased]
Caldera - Untitled [Unreleased]
Charles Green - RDT #2 [Four Triangles]
Jaime Read - Da breaks [Fragmented Records]
Medrea - Untitled [Hokkaido Dance Club]
QGB - Quivering Grumbling Braying [Forthcoming Present Tense]
Nightwaif - Xmas1 (Version) [Unreleased]

  • Published
  • Mar 25, 2018
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