0042 // Marreck


Last week we caught up with Michael Hann, the man behind the mysterious Marreck moniker and head honcho of the nascent Reject and Fade imprint. This article comes in the light of his latest LP Ceteology, which was recently released on the criminally overlooked Irish label Trensmat Records. Hann should feel right at home at Trensmat - a label that has held tight to the pillars of experimental music: brave, daring and radical, both Trensmat and Hann’s Ceteology LP capture the essence of noise music and culture in its purist form.

We first became aware of Reject and Fade through the brilliant rkss release Tunnel - out on cassette last year. “Robin is cool as cucumber and deserves a shout out every time!” states Hann. “In the mix I have also dropped in a few demos, as I thought it would be cool to drop in stuff people haven’t heard and who are or are likely to be releasing stuff soon on Reject and Fade. I am being a little non committal as I am not planning on releasing a lot via RnF (maybe only two to three releases a year), so a lot can change between now and whenever. Ideally I would like each release to have a sense of occasion about it and leave people anticipating and hungry for what is coming next.”

Reflecting on the release of Ceteology, Hann has compiled a mix of the influences surrounding the record, ”I kind of put a constraint on myself that I could only use music which I had been listening to when I was making the record but also I didn’t want to chuck in some of the obvious references such as Drexciya” he explains. “I decided I would only use music which I took away with me when I went off to work offshore. What you have here is what I was listening to when I was in between work, thinking about home/trying not to think about home, flying backwards and forwards and: voila…”


Raime // Your Cast Will Tire [Blackest Ever Black]
rkss // Rain [Unreleased]
Jo Johnson // In the Shadow of the Workhouse [Further Records]
Granite Portal // Scavenger Hunt [Unreleased]
Swans // Toussaint Overture [Young God Records]
Shifted // Burning Tyres [Bed of Nails]
Blood Room - Quell [Unreleased]
Wizard Of // MirrorExit [Unreleased]
Marreck // Octavo [Trensmat]
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds // Push the Sky Away [Bad Seed Ltd]

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  • Published
  • Feb 25, 2015
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